Chicken with Mushrooms, Scallions & Toasted Almonds

Here is a very easy, very tasty & low-fat recipe that I’ve had for a while. As a matter of fact, I’ve had it so long I can’t credit the source. My apologies to the originator.

My reason for selecting this particular method is the chicken turns out extremely moist due to the combination saute/poaching. Success in the recipe relies on paying very close attention to the various heat levels almost more so than the timing.

Title: Chicken W/Mushrooms, Scallions & Toasted Almonds
Categories: Poultry, Low-Cal, Low-Fat
Yield: 2 Servings

1/2 ts  Olive oil
2  md  Chicken breast 1/2’s
1 pn Pepper
1/2 c  Water
1/4 lb Mushrooms, sliced thin
2 T  Sour cream,Low Fat
1/4 c  Scallion greens, slice thin
1/4 ts  Salt
1/4 ts  Pepper
2 ts  Almonds,toasted,sliced (optional)

The chicken breasts should be skinned,  boned & trimmed of excess fat.

In a nonstick skillet, large enough to just fit the chicken breasts in 1 layer, heat olive oil over high heat. Season chicken w/a pinch of pepper on both sides & add to the skillet.

Saute, turning once until browned, 1 min.  per side. Add the water to the skillet (it will splatter) & reduce heat to low. Once the water returns to a simmer, cover & cook until chicken is just white, but still moist, 5min. Transfer to warm plates & reserve the cooking liquid in a bowl (you will need it for the sauce). The chicken will continue to cook from residual heat.

Increase heat to high & add the mushrooms to the empty pan & cook over high heat, without stirring until brown on bottom,  about 90 seconds. No oil is needed as they will exude their own moisture.

Add reserved liquid & boil until reduced, about 2 min. Add any juices that have accumulated on the plate from the chicken.

Remove pan from heat & stir in sour cream. Season w/S&P & stir in scallion greens. Pour the mushrooms & thier liquid over chicken & garnish
w/almonds.  Serve.

Per Serving: 176 g Water ; 116 Cal (25% from Fat, 64% from Protein, 11%
from Carb); 19 g Protein; 3 g Tot Fat; 0 g Sat Fat; 2 g Mono Fat; 1 g
Poly Fat; 3 g Carb; 1 g Fiber; 1 g Sugar; 2 g Ash; 202 mg Phos; 25 mg
Calcium; 1 mg Iron; 348 mg Sodium; 412 mg Potassium; 34 mg Magnesium ;
1 mg Zinc; 0 mg Copper; 0 mg Manganese; 18 ug Selenium; 152 IU Vit A; 4
mg ATE Vit E; 0 mg Thiamin; 0 mg Riboflavin; 10 mg Niacin; 1 mg
Pantothenic Acid; 0 mg Vit B6; 21 ug Folate; 0 ug Vit B12; 5 mg Vit C;
41 mg Cholesterol;  AccuPoints = 2.4

A few notes:

This can be easily doubled with the right sized pan. Just remember that in up-scaling any recipe initial oils are merely to lubricate the surface of the pot or pan so judge accordingly. The liquid for the poaching stage should not exceed half way up the chicken pieces, but must be adequate for the poaching process.

When heating oil in a pan watch for rippling lines reflected from the surface. This indicates that the heats energy is sufficient to create movement. Even non-stick skillets need some oil to prevent sticking.

Chicken pieces should not be touching in the pan. Use a pan that is a little larger rather than one that will crowd the pieces. If the pan is a bit larger add a touch more water in the poaching stage.

Sliced almonds will toast in a matter of minutes be being constantly stirred in a dry non-stick skillet for 2-3 Min. over med-high heat. Remove to a plate to cool as soon as a few pieces start to color as they will continue to cook.

If the sauce is a little thin, add a bit more sour cream, off the heat, but remember this is where the fat in this dish is coming from & as written it’s already at about 25% of calories.